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International Freight Forwarding

Looking for help to arrange an overseas shipment?

We provide worldwide shipping services.

Sefco can reserve and book space for your cargo on practically
any ocean carriers vessel for shipment to destinations worldwide.

We possess well over three decades export-import experience.

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International Freight Forwarding

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    Shipping Services

    For Private Individuals

    Ship Personal Property

    Benefit from our expertise
    Obtain customized Ex-Im support
    Find sensible solutions

    Worldwide Service

    Lessen risks, with
    reliable information,
    sound guidance,
    honest advice.

    Dependable agents,
    top-notch service providers,
    at your service.

    Know before you go.

    Shipping Services

    for Commercial Shippers,
    Export-Import Transactions

    High & Heavy Equipment
    Ro/Ro Shipping

    FCL/LCL Container Service
    Breakbulk Shipping

    We Provide Business to Business
    Ex-Im Shipping Services,
    Support for Commerce & Trade

    As international freight forwarders,
    we investigate, advise & arrange
    the best shipping method & route
    for your overseas shipment.

    Let us know what and
    where you need to ship.

    Worldwide Carrier Routes

    It all starts with a Map.

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International Freight Forwarding

Joseph Quinn
 Sefco President
 Based in New York City
Export-Import Expertise
          Mr. Quinn began his activities
          in the export-import business
          working for his family owned company
          in NYC in the 1970's.   [read more...]  

    Sefco works on behalf
          of our clientele
    cargo owners, private shippers, and
    businesses engaged in export/import ship their cargo
    to destinations worldwide.

    As international forwarders,
    we help select the best carrier & route,
    process the booking/export docs,
    and manage the overall process.
    This is highly specialized work.

    When working with Sefco Export,
    you are working with experienced professionals.

    First time international shipper?
    New shippers are welcome.

    Be prepared.
    Even if you are not going right away,
    let us know about your plans.

    We will respond with advice and an estimate.

    Most carrier rate quotes are only valid for up to 30 days.

    Find out "How to, and How much?"
    Receive expert guidance on export-import carrier selection, port routing, local services at origin/destination, customs requirements & specific advice.

    YES   -  We can help.

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     Export-Import Support Services

     Includes comprehensive research and advice covering: Export-Import Shipping Routes, Freight Rate Calculation & Confirmation, Carrier Service Comparison, Vessel Transit Times.

     Shipping internationally can have potentially complex requirements and unknown risks. We have more than 3 decades in the export/import shipping business, and have arranged thousands of international shipments. Get the help and support that you need.

    International Cargo Shipping

    High & Heavy Equipment

    Vehicles of all Kinds, Trucks, Trailers
    Construction & Agricultural Equipment,
    Machinery of all Kinds & Heavy Equipment
    Self-Propelled & Towable Cargo, Boats, Airplanes,
    New/Used, Classic & Collector Vehicles (Sea & Air)

    LCL / FCL Containerized Shipping

    Ask us for a rate estimate and/or carrier confirmation
    from warehouse to terminal, port/port, door/port, door/door
    for your cargo's origin / ultimate destination.

Sefco Export facilitates International Shipping
Export-Import Service with a Global Reach
US Exports and Worldwide Service
Ask us for Routing Advice and Carrier Options

US East Coast
To West Coast South America

EU / SE Asia

EU / Med
Middle East

EU / US West Coast

So. African / EU



US Gulf to
EC So America

US East Coast
Gulf Express Service

US West Coast
Trans Pacific Service


From USEC to

From Gulf / No EU

US East Coast
EU, Middle/Far East

US East Coast
EU, Med

US East Coast
EU, Africa, Oceania

US East/Gulf Coast
Middle East,
East Africa, Asia

US East/Gulf Coast
EU, Med

US East/Gulf Coast

US East Coast

East Coast Americas

Americas to Europe

Americas to Oceania

North America
to South America

Europe to Americas

Americas to Asia

Oceania to Americas

North America
to West Africa

North America
to North Europe

North Europe
to South America

Euro-Med Network
"a fully-fledged network
the Euro-Med, Aegean
West East Med, Adriatic
North Sea, Baltics, Russia
nearly all Europe's coast
from the South East (Turkey)
to the North East (Russia)"

Ro/Ro Shipping

"to the northern coast of
Africa, the Middle East
  40+ ports served."  

US Export Shipping Rates
  For Cars & Vans   

 Prices & Categories
 US to West Africa ports

From North American Load ports    To:  To West Africa ports

From USA Load ports    To:  To West Africa ports

USA Load ports:  Port Everglades, Florida    To:  Caribbean Ports

Sailing Routes & Carrier Schedules   are updated constantly.

    Sefco is the way to go.
    Shippers/Consignees with future export/import projects (not ready for shipment in under 30 days) in need of our support services, are encouraged to open an account with our company. If there are requirements (origin services/export packing, etc.) that fall outside our basic forwarding & ocean shipping services, we can help with cost investigation and vendor selection, upon receipt of our service retainer.
    Export Shippers and Import Consignees Worldwide
    can receive our professional guidance, close attention and sound advise.

Auto shippers, RV shippers, heavy equipment shippers to practically anywhere in the world.
    International Shipping,
    Freight Forwarding
    Our core business.

    Sefco works with all the major ocean carriers
    and reciprocal forwarding agents throughout the world.

    With personalized services, Sefco can handle your shipment
    regardless of size, place of origin or destination:

    • Investigation of Best Routing
    • Confirmation of Carrier Rates
    • Shipment Booking
    • Bill of Lading Preparation
    • Preparation and Electronic Filing of Electronic Export Information
    • Preparation and Forwarding of Export Documents
    • Shipment Monitoring and Project Management

    Contact us today to see how we can help you move your cargo
    with the ease and expertise you’ve come to trust from Sefco Export.

    Special International Shipping Projects

  If we can handle the shipping of an irreplaceable unit, like this
1944 Grumman F6F-3 Hellcat Spitfire Historic Aircraft
we can certainly handle the shipping of your freight.

  At Sefco Export we have very real experience spanning several decades,
handling shipments for relatively small, economical yet important projects
to large complex projects handling irreplaceable cargo worth millions.

  Read some of the testimonials and proof of what we have accomplished
in well over 30 years in the international shipping business.

    Export-Import expertise.
    For basic advice and general guidance
    access our free online resources.
    Discover a broad array of very helpful information.


        Recognized Expertise   |   Sefco's Pres. Mr. Quinn has provided expert testimony 
        on Capitol Hill in support of a Petition by the Coalition for Fair Port Practices           before the Federal Maritime Commission.        

    At Sefco, we are devoted to customer satisfaction
    and committed to positive relationships
    with every company and individual with whom we do business.
    We strive to understand your interests and concerns,
    and treat you with respect, courtesy and consideration.

    Sefco Export Management Company, Inc.
    New York, NY USA

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