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Celebrating over 35 Years in the International Shipping Business
Federally Licensed - FMC OTI Lic. No. 020644F, Bonded & Insured
World Wide Shipping Agents

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Auto shippers, RV shippers, heavy equipment shippers to practically anywhere in the world.
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Bill of Sale validated & approved for export by US Customs & Border Protection, Port Newark, NJ   (2021)
Export/Import Support Services
Port of NY/NJ Export Docs
  • US Customs messengers
  • Title validation
  • Bill of Sale validation
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Consular docs
  • Legalization

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USCBP Export Validation

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Ocean Container Shipping Services
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Worldwide Cargo Transportation
If it crosses an international border, we do it.
Overseas Specialists. 1986-2021 +
Over 35 years on the job -> arranging cargo shipments
from and to destinations throughout the world.

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Commercial Cargo Forwarding
      Ship Your Personal Cargo Overseas

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International Freight Forwarding

About our foreign freight forwarding service
Worldwide Cargo Shipping Services


Ship overseas with...
 Serving People from All walks of Life  
    Our core business is
    International Freight Forwarding.

    Sefco works with all the major ocean carriers and agents throughout the world. We ship cargo from all United States ports, to destinations worldwide.

    FCL/LCL Ocean Container Shipping
    for Commercial Cargo & Personal Property by Sea & Air.  We have particular expertise in Roll On Roll Off Shipping.

    Ship all kinds of Vehicles, High & Heavy Equipment, Machinery, Oversized and special project cargo.

          Moving overseas?  
    Sefco can arrange export packing/labor, trucking, customs clearance, Door/Door service. With personalized services, Sefco can handle your shipment regardless of size, place of origin or destination.   read more...

    Secure & Reliable Overseas Shipping Services    

    Our history includes several decades experience in shipping private property.    
Experienced in the International Shipping of Personal Property
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Shipping Support for World Travelers and Business
Plan your international shipping itinerary

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Export from the USA with...

Serving Industry
  Export Import Shipping Services  
We Ship Cargo of all Kinds
Vehicles, Trucks, Trailers, Boats, RV's
Construction & Industrial Equipment
Heavy Equipment & Machinery

Special Portside Warehouse Services
Baltimore  |  NY/NJ  |  Export Packing
Heavy Equipment dismantling
and loading into containers

Keep us in mind for all your
International Shipping Projects

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Foreign Freight Forwarding service

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Use Sefco Export as your
international freight forwarder.

Ro/Ro & Ocean Container Shipping

Trans-Atlantic shipping activities continue
"Full Steam Ahead"
Ships are sailing, terminals are open,
trucks are rolling.

North America EU Ocean Shipping
Worldwide RoRo and FCL Service

3rd country to 3rd country

To/From: Hamburg - Antwerp - Liverpool
Halifax - New York - Baltimore - Norfolk

Weekly RoRo Feeder connecting: Antwerp
Wallhamn & Helsinki & St. Petersburg
Liverpool - Dublin & Belfast

Featured Carrier: Atlantic Container Line (ACL)
Click here to see video of FCL & Ro/Ro ships.
See inside an ACL/Grimaldi ship.
Shipping Restrictions  have been put in place (by ACL/GRG)
covering  Electric/Hybrid Vehicles
Read RoRo Carrier Advisories:   Grimaldi Line Vehicle Exports

USA - Europe Shipping
Sefco Export Management Company, Inc.
with   Atlantic Container Line  
Ro/Ro, Trailer & FCL Shipping
Featured Destination:   Ireland

Reliable Weekly Container & RoRo Sailings

view and share:

USA to West Africa Shipping
Sefco Export Management Company, Inc.
with   Grimaldi Deep Sea S.p.A.   Ro/Ro & FCL

Serving these West Africa Ports:   Lagos   Cotonou   Lome   Tema   Dakar   Abidjan   Banjul   Conakry   Douala   Libreville   Pointe Noire   Takoradi     Luanda   Monrovia   Bata   Malabo   Freetown   Casablanca  

North America to West Africa
Ro/Ro Shipping Sailing Schedules
  FCL Ocean Containers to West Africa

  Ask us for a Spot Rate
From/To Practically Anywhere

Rates revalidated every 30 days
Guides serve as an estimate only
and are subject to formal reconfirmation
at time of readiness for shipment.

click here to access West Africa Sailing Schedules
Ask us for the latest Shipping Schedules

Click here for
West Africa FCL Shipping Rates

Click here for
Lagos Nigeria Shipping Rates

The Best Option for Shipping to NIGERIA
Grimaldi LAGOS Port Info | PTML Nigeria

Click here for
Dakar Senegal Shipping Rates

Repeat Customer Reference | Ship to Africa

Click here for
Tema Ghana Shipping Rates

Click here for
Douala Cameroon Shipping Rates

Click here for
Cotonou Benin Shipping Rates

Click here for
Luanda Angola Shipping Rates

Click here for
Conakry Guinea Shipping Rates

Click here for
Lome Togo Shipping Rates

Click here for
Abidjan Cote d'Ivoire Shipping Rates

Click here for
Banjul The Gambia Shipping Rates

Click here for
Libreville Gabon Shipping Rates

Click here for
Takoradi Ghana Shipping Rates

Click here for
Pointe-Noire Congo Shipping Rates

Click here for
Bata Equatorial Guinea Shipping Rates

Click here for
Malabo Equatorial Guinea Shipping Rates

Click here for
Monrovia Liberia Shipping Rates

Click here for
Freetown Sierra Leone Shipping Rates

Click here for
Casablanca Morocco Shipping Rates

Sefco Export Management Company, Inc.
with  NYK (Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha) Lines

Sea Shipping Services
Trucks, Buses, Vehicles

Ship High & Heavy Equipment
Southbound from US East Coast
Caribbean, Central & South America
Rates revalidated every 30 days
Guides serve as an estimate only
and are subject to formal reconfirmation
at time of readiness for shipment.

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From Baltimore, Houston, Jacksonville, Newark, Port Canaveral to Central & South America via
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

"Please be informed that from July 01st, 2021, Customs in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, cannot accept units (cars) by the year of make 2015 or under this year, or trucks by the year of make 2005 or under this year."

    We Ship from the USA
    Serving Ports Worldwide
    To South America & Central America

    Roll-on/Roll-off Shipping Service
    From these US ports:   Newark, Baltimore, Jacksonville & Port Everglades to the Dominican Republic, Central America & South America
    Accepting bookings for all types of cargo for the following destinations
    • Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
    • Suape, Brazil
    • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    • Santos, Brazil
    • Zarate, Argentina (with connections to Montevideo, Uruguay & Asuncion, Paraguay)
    • San Antonio, Chile
    • Iquique, Chile
    • Callao, Peru
    • Esmeraldas, Ecuador
    • Balboa, Panama
    • Caldera, Costa Rica
    • Corinto, Nicaragua
    • San Lorenzo, Honduras
    • Acajutla, El Salvador
    • Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala

    Book now with Sefco Export for the next sailing
    Roll-on/Roll-off ocean service
    is available using our select ocean carriers.

    Ship to practically anywhere in the world.

    Let us know
    where you need to go.

    We Ship from all USA ports,
    booking space on ocean-going ships
    operated by all the major SS Lines.
    Ro/Ro Sea Shipping for Cars, SUV's and
    All Kinds of Heavy Equipment

    Featured Ocean Carrier: WWL
        "We can transport cargo up to
           6.1 metres high, 12 metres wide,
           400 tonnes in weight
    Sefco Export arranges Ro/Ro shipping
    Ship from and to ports worldwide

    Arrangements can be made for
    US Customs Validation of Titles
    from the Port of Long Beach.
    Validation services also available in: The Port of NY/NJ, other ports (requires a firm booking with Sefco as forwarder). Sefco Export customer support is ready to help all clients using our ocean freight forwarding service (US Ex Docs:  EEI filing, D/R, B/L processing). See examples of US Customs validated titles approved for export.

    Roll-on/Roll-off Shipping Service
    Book space on the next WWL Sailing
    From these USA Ports of Load 
    • USBAL - Baltimore, MD
    • USCHS - Charleston, SC
    • USGLS - Galveston, TX
    • USLGB - Long Beach, CA
    • USNNS - Newport News, VA
    • USNTD - Port Hueneme, CA
    • USNYC - New York, NY
    • USSAV - Savannah, GA
    • USSSI - Brunswick, GA
    • USTIW - Tacoma, WA

    Accepting bookings for all types of Ro/Ro & Static cargo for the following WWL served destinations
    • ARZAE - Zarate, Argentina
    • AUADL - Adelaide, Australia
    • AUBNE - Brisbane, Australia
    • AUFRE - Fremantle, Australia
    • AUMEL - Melbourne, Australia
    • AUPKL - Port Kembla, Australia
    • BEZEE - Zeebrugge, Belgium
    • BRPNG - Paranagua, Brazil
    • BRRIO - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    • BRSSZ - Santos, Brazil
    • CLIQQ - Iquique, Chile
    • CLPAG - Puerto Angamos, Chile
    • CLSAI - San Antonio, Chile
    • COCTG - Cartagena, Colombia
    • CRLIO - Puerto Limon, Costa Rica
    • DEBRV - Bremerhaven, Germany
    • DOSDQ - Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
    • ECMEC - Manta, Ecuador
    • EEPLA - Paldiski, Estonia
    • ESBCN - Barcelona, Spain
    • ESSDR - Santander, Spain
    • ESVGO - Vigo, Spain
    • FIHKO - Hango (Hanko), Finland
    • FITKU - Turku, Finland
    • FRLEH - Le Havre, France
    • GBSOU - Southampton, Great Britain
    • GRPIR - Piraeus, Greece
    • GTSTC - Santo Tomas De Castillo, Guatemala
    • HNPCR - Puerto CortesHonduras
    • ITLIV - Leghorn / Livorno, Italy
    • MXATM - Altamira, Mexico
    • MXVER - Veracruz, Mexico
    • NODRM - Dramman, Norway
    • NOOSL - Oslo, Norway
    • NZAKL - Auckland, New Zealand
    • NZLYT - Lyttelton, New Zealand
    • NZNSN - Nelson, New Zealand
    • NZWLG - Wellington, New Zealand
    • PAMIT - Manzanillo, Panama
    • PECLL - Callao / Peru
    • PFPPT - Papeete / Tahiti
    • RULED - St. Petersburg / Russia
    • SEGOT - Gothenburg / Sweden
    • TRAUT - Autoport / Turkey
    • ZADUR - Durban / South Africa
      If you do not see your desired port pair, ask us.
      We will check on all available ocean carrier options.

    Ship from All US Ports of Load (POL)
    Roll-on/Roll-off Shipping Service
    Book now with Sefco Export Management Company, Inc.
    For the next Roll-on/Roll-off sailing

    Roll-on/Roll-off ocean service
    Space reservations available
    with our select ocean carriers.

    "We Shop, You Save!"
    We review all SS Line routing options.

    Ship to practically anywhere in the world.

    Let us know
    where you need to go.

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Shipping Rates
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Guidance on Best Practices
for export shipment by land/sea/air.

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Find out more about...

Heat Treated wood requirements
for shipment packaging materials.

Tune in to important market information.

US domestic truckers in very high demand...
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Riots in Colombia impact ocean shipping...
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Our Customers Count
We know that our customers rely on us for good advice and honest competent service. This is our strength. In our business/customer relationship, protecting our customers best interest is our priority. Information is key. Learning is constant. Tips for the new shipper: The first step to pricing the cost for an international shipment is to determine the measurement of the cargo being shipped. Find out more about weight & measure. Surf our website

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Good advice:   For those who are new to international shipping, access our informative shipping guides.
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About Volume  
Let us help you make your way through unfamiliar territory. We have been arranging international shipments continuously since 1986. While our website has changed over the years, our base of knowledge and experience has only grown. Gain peace of mind, find the right good solution.
Become known:   We work for our customers, loyally and with a high degree of professionalism. If you have not already worked with Sefco, let us know who you are and explain what your anticipated needs may be. All rates are confirmed in writing. Due to the high volume of robocalls unrelated to serving our actual customers, we suggest starting our conversation by email:
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We can schedule a date/time to discuss your requirements and our potential solutions, by phone.
General solicitions unrelated to actual Sefco customer support (from unknown parties) may be ignored. If its important to you, let us know your full contact details (name, email) and provide a brief summary of what you need to do. Pricing & information requests for service such as US IMPORTS require ID and can be complex.
We have a legal responsibility to know our customer.
Sensitive information is handled securely.

Export-Import Customer Support
US Customs Export Title Validation

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Sefco Export Management Company, Inc.
1 Ascan Avenue, Forest Hills, NY 11375
Tel:  718-793-2515  Email:

Celebrating over 35 Years in the
International Shipping Business

Federally Licensed - FMC OTI Lic. No. 020644F, Bonded & Insured
World Wide Shipping Agents

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